Ergonomics: how to work properly

Ergonomics: how to work properly

Tips and tricks for a better and healthier way of working – in the office and at home.

A better and healthier way of working

Having ergonomic products in the office or at home was once seen as luxury or even a perk. But that is no longer the case; today’s employers realise that ergonomic products are a vital part of any modern business.

Ask anyone why ergonomic products should be used in the workplace and most would probably say because it reduces the chance of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), back problems and other injuries. This is all true, but there are also other reasons to invest in ergonomic products:

• It is healthier and increases health awareness;
• Increased staff morale as they get more job satisfaction;
• Higher productivity and better work quality;
• Reduced absence and sick days;
• Enhanced company image, as a caring employer and forward-thinking organisation; 

Nowadays, there are quite a lot of smart solutions to create an ergonomic workspace - such as sit-stand workstations, desk mounts, laptop risers, ergonomic mouses & keyboards and special office chairs. Although all these solutions contribute to a healthier and more ergonomic workspace, the most essential thing is the right use/ installation of these products.

The golden triangle

It is very important that ergonomic products also work ergonomically in combination with each other. The cornerstone of this is referred to as the ‘golden triangle’: an ergonomic desk, ergonomic chair and ergonomic monitor stand, all positioned to suit the unique body of the user. This way each ergonomic product enhances the ergonomic benefits of the other two.

Follow the six rules below and you will have the optimal ergonomic workspace, decreasing the chance of injuries and/or complaints.

Additionally, make sure you keep moving: regularly vary your body positioning and avoid having the same posture or position for extended periods of time. Stand up, walk around or do some light stretches for a few minutes. Also, pay extra attention to your eyes and remember to give them some rest and be sure to blink regularly. Close your eyes periodically to help avoid eye strain. A popular tip is the 20-20 rule, that suggests that every 20 minutes, you take a 20-second break from looking at your monitor. During the break, look at something that’s approximately 6 meters away from you to vary your focus.

These tips will help improve your workspace – in the office and at home – helping you work more comfortably and keep you at your healthy best.

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